With a Boston Red Sox three game series against the evil empire known as the New York Yankees over the Fourth of July weekend (along with my recently watching the psychological thriller Gone Girl)it's time to talk about this Ben Affleck rumor. 

We all know how crucial the wardrobe is in movies, and in this case, it's rumored that the director wanted Ben's character to wear a Yankees cap.

Whoa! Can that get anymore blasphemous for this Boston boy?

I'm not sure why the baseball hat that Ben's character wears really matters, since the movie takes place in Missouri. But I digress.

Did an argument between Ben and director David Fincher over this Yankees cap really cause a temporary shutdown of Gone Girl for four days?  As with any Hollywood rumor, it depends on who you ask.

According to the website Screen Rant, it's an exaggeration. Ben's character Nick did wear a baseball hat, which turned out to be a Mets cap. The debate was most likely a real thing, but not as dramatic as we probably want it to be.

However, according to the website Sportskeeda, it's absolutely a true story where Ben and David eventually agreed upon a Mets cap.

I'm choosing to believe it's a true story, since I just watched the movie and love the dramatics of it all.

Hey, what can I say? I love the Hollywood fun.

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