Clearly, the political landscape over the past few years has been the most volatile in recent history.  The arguments between the two major parties have been filled with anger and personal attacks on both sides of the two major political parties.  There are other parties to be affiliated with like, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and the American Solidarity Party, according to Wikipedia.

Have You Ever Heard of the Bull Moose Party?

Wiki tells us that The Progressive Party, sometimes known as the Bull Moose Party was formed by Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the U.S. in 1912 and was built on Roosevelt's Square Deal.

What is the Square Deal?

Roosevelt's Square Deal had three major concerns, conservation of natural resources, control of big corporations, and consumer protection, often referred to as the three C's.

In 1901, Roosevelt claimed in a speech he gave in Lynn, Massachusetts;

a square deal for every man, big or small, rich or poor...


What's the Mission of the Bull Moose Party?

The mission, according to says:

Our mission is to return political and economic power to the American people. By raising money and running candidates under our own banner—the Progressive Bull Moose Party—we aim to end the era of big money, big corporate-controlled government—rule by the super-rich—and return power to the people.


There Was an NH Candidate from the Progressive Party

Thomas Sharpe V of Salem, NH was the Progressive Bull Moose Party candidate for U. S. Senate but did not qualify to run, according to Wiki.  There is not much information about Sharpe online at all other than his affiliation with the Progressive Party.  In fact, he's the only candidate that I can find online that ever ran under that affiliation.  The next Senate race in NH is in November of 2022, so maybe he'll run again or maybe there will be someone else from the Progressive Party.

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