Here in New England, lots of us are avid skiers.

Even if you're like this writer and have never hit the slopes, chances are that plenty of people in your life enjoy partaking in the popular winter sport.

This area is filled with countless ski resorts to visit during the winter months. Some of these places are optimal spots for beginners who are putting on a pair of skis for the first time, while others are best left to the experts. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of places to choose from.

But have you ever wondered just how many ski resorts are in New Hampshire? Thanks to some insights from OnTheSnow, we now know.

The website, which describes itself as "the primary source of all snow reports on the web", compiled this list of the number of ski resorts in each state. Not only did New Hampshire rank high here (a fact surprising literally nobody), but only four states have more resorts than we do.

So, how many ski resorts does New Hampshire have? That number would be 26, of which you can see a full list here.

Besides tying with California, which also has 26 ski resorts, the only states with more resorts than us are Colorado (32), Wisconsin (33), and Michigan (39). Coming in at first place is New York, with a whopping 52. Wowza.

Want to learn how to ski? Here are some of those aforementioned New England mountains that are great for beginners.

Most Popular Ski Mountains to Learn How to Ski or Snowboard in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont

These are the best ski mountains to learn how to ski or snowboard in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Gallery Credit: Logan

Now, let's see some of New England's best mountains for advanced skiiers.

Best New England Ski Mountains for Advanced Skiers

What ski mountains are the best mountains in New England for advanced and expert skiers/snowboarders? See the most difficult/best mountains for those looking for some difficult terrain.

Gallery Credit: Logan

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