We all know the saying, "Live long and prosper," but did you know that the iconic hand gesture that Spock does in Star Trek, actually has ties to New England?

You know exactly the hand gesture that I am talking about, where you keep your pinky and ring finger together but separate them from the other three.

Well, I bet what you may not have known is that hand gesture was actually derived from part of a Hebrew blessing.

You may be wondering how that exactly connects with New England. Actor, Leonard Nimoy who plays Spock, actually grew up in Boston. It was Nimoy that brought this hand gesture to Star Trek.

According to StarTrek.com when Nimoy was a young boy, he had actually seen this gesture at an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Boston.

This iconic hand gesture along with the Vulcan salute will be making its way to Boston for everyone to drive by (or walk up) and see.

If you went to the Museum of Science in Boston and attended the Mugar Omni Theater, then you may have heard Leonard Nimoy's voice as he narrated the original preshow for 30 years.

Well, it seems that the Museum of Science wants to give back.

Nimoy's family is teaming up with the Museum of Science, to create a tribute to Leonard Nimoy, as well as his character Spock, to honor his life and legacy.

The Museum of Science announced the tribute to Leonard Nimoy on what would have been his 90th birthday. But, I am sure you want to know what it is that they are actually planning on doing for this tribute.

A 20-foot stainless steel monument will be designed by David Phillips and would be located in front of the Museum of Science to welcome visitors as well as all Star Trek fans. The monument will be shaped like the "Live Long and Prosper" hand gesture that Spock was known for.

The museum is asking for donations for the memorial, if you would like to, you can donate here.

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