Two of my favorite things, the MOS in Boston and Pixar, have combined forces to give us an experience that we will not forget for a long time.

The Museum of Science in Boston re-opened yesterday.  (Sunday, July 28)  They are currently showing the exhibit, "The Science of Pixar."  Right now, the MOS website says they are only showing it until the end of this week, so you should hurry if you want to see this exhibit.

Pixar first released the first installment of "Toy Story" in 1995, according to Wiki and from that movie until today, only 25 years later, has become, in my opinion, the best movie production company today.  The only time I can remember being so enthralled with a movie is back in the days of Disney.  It makes sense that Pixar is a subsidiary of Disney, that began back in 1979, so says Wiki.

If you're unable to go, on the MOS website, I found a great virtual tour of the exhibit that explains how the films start from just a drawing, then they have to put those drawings in to a computer and make them look what the narrator intended them to be.  (That part takes a LOT of time.)  The setting of the film has to be created, (think Minecraft) lighting, rendering each frame, etc., etc., then finally to what you see on the screen.

As someone who loves to paint and draw, Pixar is near and dear to my heart, as was Disney when I was a kid.  Although this particular exhibit is about the Production of the film, the movies are all heart.

Hope you make time to see it and if you do, let me know how it is!

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