A mysterious marble head, which appears to have once topped a statue, was found underground when work was being done on a property in rural Brownsfield, Maine, according to WMTW.

It is said to be that of an old home, but the Brownsfield Historical Society hasn't confirmed the exact address.

Crews were dredging the property when the head was found buried and mostly intact but for the fact its missing its body, assuming it was once attached to one, which the Society believes it was as there are the markings of "clean break caused by a hammer or bullet," the news station reported.

Why was this head buried? Was it once attached to a statue? Why was it broken apparently intentionally? Were there once gardens featuring this statue on this historic property in ME? Is the statue of a former resident or some other of note?

These questions and more we may or may not ever discover.

Nonetheless, a pretty neat find on an otherwise everyday New England property rehab site!

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