It Was a Beautiful Day

If you missed the Sunflower Festival in Lee, I'm afraid you may have to wait until next year and.... you missed a beautiful day.  It was packed, but everyone was in a great mood, (how could they not be) and the sunflowers were shining for their big day.

They Produce Their Own Sunflower Oil

The Coppel Farm Sunflower oil sells out every year with good reason.  It's delicious, full-bodied, and perfect for cooking of all kinds.  The Coppel Farm have learned to keep the birds away from their crop so they can produce the oil.  One year, those darn birds wiped out their supply in a matter of a couple of days!

There are Beautiful Animals on the Farm including Huge Horses

There are Belgian horses on the property that are breathtaking.  If you've never seen one close up, you simply must make a trip to go specifically to see them as well as the sunflowers.

Time is of the Essence

You only have about 10 or so days to see the Sunflowers in full bloom.  After that, their bloom fades.  You might already be too late.  People travel literally from all over the world to see this beautiful crop of Sunflowers.

You Can Find Local Artisans at the Festival

At the Sunflower Festival, you'll find all kinds of unique gifts, jewelry, painting, and other really cool crafts that you will certainly not find anywhere else.  I have purchased many sunflower-themed kitchen stuff, jewelry, and paintings just to name a few.

Don't Miss the Cornmaze

Every year at the end of September, the Copple House Farm welcomes the public again for a big cornmaze!  Have tons of fun with your family and hopefully, you won't get lost, but I try to go every year and it never fails... I get lost.

Contact Them

If you'd like to contact them for any reason, feel free to stop by or call.  The farm is on Route 155 in Lee.  (You can't miss it) Or, call them at 603-659-3572.

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