As we are getting closer and closer to Fall, things are starting to get more spooky. To go with the wicked aesthetic, Disney Villains are ready to push the princesses aside and come out to play.

Disney Villains and other haunted Disney characters are already starting to make their way out into the Disney Parks for meet and greets, but luckily for you, you will not have to take a flight if you want to see some of the famous Disney Villains in person.

That's right, the villains are making their way to New England. It will, however, be a much different experience than visiting the parks.

If you are interested in seeing some Disney Villains sing and dance well, you will have to make a trip to Boston. On Saturday, August 27th, there will be a Disney Villain Drag brunch happening at the Summer Shack (50 Dalton st. Boston, MA).

That's right, not only can you watch some fabulous Drag Queens dress up and pay tribute to some of the most iconic villains, but you also get to enjoy a brunch. Imagine sipping on a mimosa while Ursula is singing and dancing to "Poor Unfortunate Souls" right in front of you.

The brunch runs from 11 am to 4 pm and it will be hosted by Neon Calypso, a Boston-based Drag Queen that you are most likely to catch doing jump slits and twerking upside down on walls. Unfortunately, you cannot stay for the whole time (unless you pay to stay), tickets for the brunch are broken up into 2-hour increments (11-1 pm and 2-4 pm).

The brunch is being put on by Flip Phone, who has and continues to put on some amazing Drag brunches over the United States.

Are you a Disney fan and interested in a fun Saturday brunch? Well, you can find ticket information here.

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