We all have to eat. But sometimes we don't have $100, $50, even $20 bucks to spend to grab a meal. The climate right now is not friendly to those of us who are forced to pinch pennies. So you'd rather have electric or heat and maybe skip a meal, right?

There are restaurants and stores in Maine that offer meals for less then $10 bucks so I think it's time we highlight those spots so that you can check them out without emptying your entire pocket book. I still say, pocket book, sue me.

Some are stores that offer pizza deals and some are restaurants. I mean, we all know about the dollar menu at McDonalds but let us broaden our horizons, shall we?

By the way, I am not knocking good old McD's, I am and always will be a champion of those delicious fries and hash browns but it's always nice to go somewhere else that is friendly to your wallet.

Enjoy A Delicious Lunch At These Maine Restaurants For Less Than $10 Bucks

Hungry? But you don't have enough to spend on lunch at your usual spot? Well, for those of us pinching pennies right now, some restaurants in Maine offer lunch for less than $10 bucks!

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