The latest college and university rankings are out from US News & World Report. These influential rankings have been coming out from US News since 1983. The report assessed over 1,500 schools using 17 measures of academic quality.

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The 2022-2023 college rankings report looked at 15 Maine colleges and universities-and overall Maine schools did really well! The US News rankings are split into many categories. You'll see rankings for our Maine schools in National and Regional lists. Now, take this all with a grain of salt. Much of the data used in the report comes from the schools themselves. Plus, these rankings should only be used for 1) a starting point for a college search or, 2) bragging to your friend about how your school did better than their school. Hey, there's a college for everybody out there, no matter the ranking!

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The #1 school in the USA? That went to the Princeton Tigers, who were the #1 National University in the rankings. New England Schools, as you might expect, did incredibly well.

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OK, let's see how Maine schools did in this year's US News and World Report College Rankings! In no particular order...

Maine College Rankings for 2022-2023

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