New Hampshire was smacked by a Bomb Cyclone one week ago and now TWO inches of rain is supposed to pour down. It's a race against darkness! See here if the job was accomplished before night fell, or if I did.



This is a nasty damn drift that drifts almost as bad as it dams. And it dams most mightily. After melting all week, it's now a heavy two foot pile that's packed on top of an inch of ice.



The mountain is mostly gone and most importantly the mini hockey rink underneath has been pushed over the side as well.

After 7 years of winters here, I'm reasonably sure that the rain tomorrow will flow freely and this structure will remain upright!

(Thankfully, I also remained upright through the entire shoveling process.)

Do you shovel your roof or do you just leave it to melt on its own?


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