Who can resist a good ghost story?

Here in New England, there's no shortage of tales of alleged paranormal activity, unexplained instances, and other strange and unusual happenings.

Whether you believe in spirts or not, it's always entertaining and spooky to hear about supposedly haunted places, and the testimonies of those who have had creepy experiences there.

In this writer's opinion, the scariest ghost stories are based off of "true events." Sure, clowns are freaky, but you're probably not worried that a towering clown named Pennywise will lure you into a sewer (sorry, Stephen King).

The most chilling stories also tend to involve supernatural entities that we can't see, and therefore can't firmly disprove. You've seen the movies. A family and their dog approach their new fixer-upper home that was (unbeknownst to them) the site of some horrible tragedy. Then the dog mysteriously won't go inside, the kids start seeing strange stuff, and so on. Sometimes there's a creepy doll or other unusual item that has a negative entity attached to it. Paranormal investigators may show up, someone ends up possessed, you get it.

The point is, ghost stories are creepy, and we have lots of them here in New Hampshire.

We've gathered 16 New Hampshire ghost stories told by locals who commented on our Facebook page, as well as the public Forgotten New Hampshire group. A few accounts are from yours truly, whose friends have experienced alleged paranormal activity. Whether you're a believer or not, these testimonies just might send chills down your spine.

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