Hey it's another weekend in New England, and likely that means some special time eating out with your significant other, family, or friends.

Besides the camaraderie of eating and drinking together, I was thinking about habits we have while out to dinner, and a couple of things occurred to me.

How many times are you out to dinner, and you order appetizers, an entrée, and desert, plus drinks, only to realize you and your besties cannot eat everything placed in front of you?

It happened to my husband and I all the time, and while leftovers are fine, leftover sushi (our 'go to' meal) is not so much.  You realize you're paying for food you haven't actually eaten, just because your proverbial eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Also, there's another habit I noticed, especially when with a group.

priscilla du preez via unsplash.com
priscilla du preez via unsplash.com

Have you ever noticed people who actually make a point to order something unlike anyone else, although they really want the burger Megan ordered?  They're the people who insist on being the last to order when the waiter or waitress is ready to take orders.

Here's the thing.  Those people, in my opinion, intentionally wait to order something different, so they can try a bite of everyone else's food.  Seriously.  Excuse me, I don't mind you having a bite of my food, but when you take a little from each plate, aren't you adding nearly an entire entrée to your place in addition to your own meal?  Looks like you'll need a doggie bag.

Whether you're at The Goat, La Festa Brick & Brew, The River House, The Black Cow, or the hot spot in your town, It seems folks who like to pick at others plates should plan to go back to the same restaurant again, until they've tried everything as their own entrée, not their neighbors.

A buffet is always an option too.  Just sayin'.

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