Apparently all of us have an "unlucky shirt" or garment in our closet.

That's not to mean one that brings you bad luck in life, but specifically that shirt or piece of clothing that ALWAYS gets dirty or a food stain on it EVERY time you wear it.

I had not heard this term until this weekend; our team was eating at Rosa's in Portsmouth, and one fella in our party got pasta sauce on his shirt.

"Your unlucky shift?!" said another on our team.

I asked what that meant and balked at the answer until I ended up with oil stains on my shirt later in the meal (despite my best efforts with seltzer water to remove said spots). And wouldn't you know, later in the day while hopping from establishment to establishment at Hampton Beach, I ended up with another oil spot + sour cream stain.

My salmon-colored summery dress shirt? Indeed MY "unlucky shirt"! Do you own one too?

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