Cloe Feldman, on her Twitter account, tweeted a post late Monday asking what word you hear - Yanny or Laurel?  It's clear for me what I hear, it's YANNY.

I high-pitched, kinda whiny voice, however, we got several responses from men and women that said they heard LAUREL in a deep voice. WEIRD!

We also got some people who heard BOTH words.

In the end, it was darn near split right down the middle with 51% of our listeners who hear LAUREL and 49% who heard YANNY.

Originally, A-Train and I took a stab at the reason for why people hear it differently.  It's got nothing to do with gender as we thought it might. We got a lot of women who heard Laurel and lots of guys who heard Yanny, so that theory was thrown out the window.

There is an explanation as to why we heard it one way or the other and it has to do with the quality of the audio, the quality of the speakers, to name a couple things. It's taken a few years, but there is now an explanation of the DRESS.  Remember that one?  Is the dress black and blue or is it white and gold?

This is a lovely departure from all the heavy stuff we have going on in our lives.  More of this, please!

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