On this throwback Thursday, I figured I'd share a quick vacation story about rediscovering a root beer that I could have sworn was no longer in existence. Frostie Root Beer is ALIVE!

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Frostie Root Beer disappeared from the national market in 1979(I was 6 years old) when it was purchased by the makers of 'Dad's'. It was then owned by a Texas based company until 2009 when Interstate Distributors Inc. in Detroit, Michigan purchased the rights to the soda and might I add, they 'distribute' it quite nicely!

It's in NH!

There's a magical place called Runnings in Claremont and that is where you will find Frostie Root Beer as well of dozens of other 'retro', independent or downright strange flavored sodas.

I bought a custom picked variety six pack and I plan on highlighting every glorious glass bottle I purchased there last week.

The Frostie Root Beer was just as good as I remember it being ... 38 years ago?!

It just doesn't seem possible.