Funtown in Saco has been a Maine summer staple since 1967. The space on Route 1 started as a drive-in, and then one-by-one added a mini-golf course, a go-cart track, batting cages, and an archery range. In 1967, Funtown opened with rides like the Zipper and the infamous Luv Machine. The iconic Astrosphere was added in 1976. Here are other classic rides from Funtown's past.

The Troll Bounce- 1970's

The Troll Bounce was located next to the Galaxi Roller Coaster (now the location of the Wild Mouse Coaster), where Poncho's Villa (formerly Chester's Chicken, Roadie's Chicken, Sunsations Apparel...) and Little Hawaii now reside.

The Haunted House-1980s

The iconic haunted house is one of the all-time greats from Funtown. Interestingly, the attraction was first opened by the owners of Cascade Water Park. The haunted house went away in 1996, but by that time tens of thousands of kids of all ages had experience one of the scariest, fun, and memorable events of their lives. Do you remember what you would hear when you entered?

"Avast ye landlubbers!! T'is the Captain's first mate, Pete speaking. Captain Cutler was lost at sea. 1783 it was, and his spirit haunts this very soil. HE DROVE HIS WIFE INSANE, HE DID!! I beg ay, please!! Go Back, before it's too late!! Hahahahhahahahahaha!"

Batting Cages- 1964-2003

Do you remember "Bat-A-Way"?  We're sure all you softball and Little Leaguers out there remember taking a swing.

Early Funtown Rides

1. Hydrobumpers (1967-1974)
2. Merry Go Round (1967-2011)
3. Helicopter Ride (1972-present)
4. Swinging Gyms ( 60's and 70's)
1. Current Bumper Cars (1975-present)
2. Umbrella cars (late 60s/early 70's)
3. Helicopter Ride (still in its original location).
4. Kiddie Swings (since the 70s).

Funtown Aerial View-1978

There are about a dozen places in this photo that no longer exist. What do you see?

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