My guest in studio this morning was Cheryl Healey.  She is an absolute delightful human being who sells radio here at Townsquare Media, Portsmouth.  At our company Christmas party last week, we got talking about all the places that she used to frequent growing up in North Andover, so I invited her to come in to the studio to share some of the stories while Aaron was on vacation.

Cheryl used to frequent The Frolics at Salisbury Beach with her friends.  Apparently, there were all kinds of bars that she got in to at the beach when she was WAAAY under age, but she was friends with the bouncers who let her in.  (They were the same guys who were also the lifeguards at the beach.  That's how she knew them.)  Anyway, she told me about The Frolics and how she would go in, but she would NEVER go UNDER the frolics.  I guess that's where all the kids went to play "kissy-face, ect." with their boyfriends.  She was a good girl, you see, who went to PMA and would never do that sort of thing.  Not only that, but her father would kill her.  (She's Italian, after all, and all the boys were afraid of him.)

Anyway, here's our conversation about the Frolics and Salisbury Beach.  Maybe you'll remember some of the other places she also mentions.

Thanks for coming on the show, Cheryl!  You're welcome back anytime, but leave that Chaaahlene at home!

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