I'll admit though, for the life of me I can't find any information as to where this may have taken place.

They've been my favorite animals for as long as I can remember and though I am no expert in the field of proper pachyderm care, I have read enough to know what to look for when an elephant is being abused.

In an abusive situation, the 'trainer' usually has a cane like device called a 'bull hook'. It's a hideous pole equipped with a metal hook that looks quite a bit like a walking stick.

It's now the first thing I look for and it's usually right in plain sight.

I see no presence of it here on this video.

As far as Mr. Mills weight is concerned, he is listed as 196 lbs.

Newborn elephants have been known to exceed 200 lbs.

The act of hoisting 'The Green Goblin' onto the elephant's back and then the subsequent back flip? I'm just not seeing anything that I'd categorize as abuse in any way.

Again. I'm not an expert in the field of proper large animal care.

But if you've watched enough documentaries, you'll know that elephants love playing in the water and I think that is all this is.

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