With nonstop rain here in New Hampshire, a natural phenomenon is happening in overdrive and the last thing you want to do is grab the butter and maple syrup.

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I don't care how much they look like a delicious short stack of flapjacks or even if they resemble luxurious morels or truffles, stay away.

As my on-air alter-ego 'Forest Ranger Train', I have mentioned several things growing in the NH woods, and even, on your lawn, that are, in fact, edible.

Fungus is certainly not among thus.

I'd say that the chances are a good 99% that if you consume anything you have found growing over the past week will leave you greener than your lawn. Or worse, with severe liver damage. Or perhaps, dead.

Amatoxins and the human gastrointestinal tract do not mix and can be a lethal combination.

It's kind of a weird rule of thumb when it comes to the rare edible varieties that can be found in these parts, they're usually so disgusting looking that you wouldn't want to touch them with a ten foot walking stick anyway.

Back in elementary school, we had a professional forager walk with us throughout the local woods and virtually everything in the fungi category we found, was toxic.

I don't remember what any of those fungi were called but the one thing I do remember is that if you kick them or pick them up and smash them on a rock, within a few seconds you will see them turn purple. And that's yet another indication that they're toxic.

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Train Images

That being said, they're wicked cool to look at!

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