Law enforcement professionals are proud of their team. From the top of the ladder all the way down, it's a fellowship that's true.

That is especially the case with State Police across the U.S.A., but there's also an element of competitiveness to keep things interesting.

For instance, for the past 10 years, the American Association of State Troopers (AAST), has held the awards for the "Best State Trooper Cruiser" in America.

America's obsession with cars and trucks, goes one step further with the design of law enforcement vehicles.

Our own New Hampshire State Police are in on the competition with their latest social media posts. There have been multiple daily updates about the number of votes cast for every state, and Granite Staters are hopping mad more people in New Hampshire have not voted.

Look at the photo of that beautiful new Chevy Tahoe.  The newest New Hampshire State Trooper vehicles look amazing.  Look at the other states, and you'll see some very cool vehicles too, and not only cars and SUV's, but trucks and helicopters, although I think the AAST is looking at cruisers specifically.

The number of Dodge Chargers used as State Police vehicles is cool, as are the few Ford Mustangs, and even one Corvette. The Corvette seems excessive to me, but it's nonetheless a very fast car.

If you want to see all the state police vehicles and vote for our incredible New Hampshire State Trooper Cruiser, as they are the people and vehicles that keep our highways safe, go to

Vote now so we can get that NH State Police Cruiser vote count up. The top 13 will be featured in the 2024 AAST Calendar.  Voting ends on July 31, 2023, at 12 noon ET, according to, but don't delay voting.

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