Congratulations, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, you are winners.  But you already knew that, right?

Remember when the New Hampshire State Police asked for your help in voting for the best-looking state police cruiser in America?  Well, you responded in a big way.

While no New England state was ranked in the top 10, we did pretty well in making headway against much larger population states.

The top vote getter was Florida, so congratulations to the Florida Highway Patrol for their 1st place finish.

Florida Highway Patrol via Facebook
Florida Highway Patrol via Facebook

New Hampshire's State Police cruiser a top 13 winner, but also another New England State Police force in the top 11.  Massachusetts State Police cruiser ranked 11th, so they get to be showcased as well, representing another New England state.

Massachusetts State Police via Facebook
Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

What was the ranking order for votes?

Florida (1), California (2), Nevada (3), Indiana (4), Kentucky (5), Georgia (6), Missouri(7), Michigan (8), Nebraska (9), Iowa (10), Massachusetts (11), Tennessee(12), and (13)New Hampshire.

Those 13 top vote getters are on the 2024 American Association of State Troopers Cruiser Calendar, which is available now at, and the proceeds "benefit the American Association of State Troopers Foundation, which provides educational scholarships to dependents of member troopers".

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 Some of the comments from Facebook:
I still think NH has the best looking cruisers in the country.
Add a Moose next year and you'll be #1. Congrats on making the calendar!
Pretty cool. That was close! I am convinced a sedan cruiser will make the top ten next year!
Congrats New Hampshire and Massachusetts State Police, and thank you for protecting us.

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