Isabelle Rose Finnemore is a beautiful and active nine-year-old girl born in Quincy. She is a role model and big sister to Lily and Emilia.

Last March, Isabelle was diagnosed with DIPG, a cancerous brain tumor, which affects approximately 300 children each year in the United States and has a survival rate under 10 percent at two years which drops to under 2 percent at five years.

Isabelle’s dream is to go to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has affected the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities from helping families in need.

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A few weeks ago, Troopers Steven Valair and Phil Giardino, who volunteer their time to run the MSP Memorial Fund, heard Isabelle’s story and knew they needed to help. Shortly after, Phil and Steve posted a story on their Instagram page to help raise money to make Isabelle’s dream come true. Within 72 hours, their followers heard Phil and Steve’s message loud and clear and raised over $10,000. By the end of that week, MSP hockey had raised a total of $12,575.

Today, Troopers Giardino and Valair surprised Isabelle and her two sisters with Disney, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and Frozen-related toys, dresses, and dolls. According to the Facebook post, the girls were in for a bigger surprise.

“Wondering why they were receiving these themed gifts they quickly learned the entire Finnemore family would be spending a full week in September at Disney World!”

Isabelle just finished her first round of radiation. She has a long way to go but with the support of the over 300 people who made donations at the MSP Hockey page, this is one dream that is coming true.

Massachusetts State Police Make Quincy Girls' Dream Come True

Quincy's Isabelle Rose Finnemore received the surprise of a lifetime from Troopers Steven Valair and Phil Giardino. This nine-year-old girl is battling a difficult cancer diagnosis and fighting each and every day.

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