His name is Tim and he is 4 years old. For the life of me I can't quite figure out what combination of breeds he is, but he certainly is adorable.

I'm going to say that he's a boxer, chow, German shepherd and lab mix.

I love dogs that are in a perpetual state of tail wag and Tim has that routine down cold!

I like the information provided in this WMUR-TV piece because it doesn't hide the fact that Tim has a heart condition. I'm assuming that this means that he requires medication that can be a bit expensive.

In my humble opinion, he is the perfect age. He's out of that puppy stage where they bolt around like a wild deer, knocking over anyone and anything in their way. And yet, still with a youthful amount of energy to go on walks and play fetch with.

Check out rescueleague,org if you know someone that would adopt Tim into a great home, maybe it's you!

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