As Homer Simpson would say "Doh!".

Another day, another truck driver thinking they can make it under a Storrow Drive bridge in Boston.

According to NBC10 Boston, it happened around 7:30 yesterday morning as the truck tried to "squeeze" under the Silber Way Footbridge and didn't quite make it.

The damage was bad enough that the truck's top was ripped off.  Authorities were able to get it out and move it to Beacon Street to try to get traffic flowing again.

This happens so often, that according to WCVB there is actually a term now for it..."Storrowing"!

A few weeks ago an ice truck had the same thing happen:

And a few weeks before that, this truck had the top completely sheared off!

WBUR reports this happens so often that the City of Boston tweets about it:

According to Wikipedia:

"There is an abundance of signs giving road clearance height. Despite the signs, a truck or other large vehicle will periodically get wedged under a bridge, which causes traffic to back up for several miles. In one incident a truck full of scissors became stuck and spilled its cargo, causing more than 30 cars to get flat tires."

I'm not sure if it's just an old wives tale or not, but I always remember the story of a truck getting stuck under a bridge and a little kid coming up with the idea to let the air out of the tires!

Or better yet, just avoid low bridges with big trucks!


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