It’s a fall rite of passage for New Englanders, rivaled only by apple cider and the leaves turning: Trucks Storrowing themselves in Boston.

What is “Storrowing” you may ask, if you’re a local (and likely a great candidate to Storrow yourself)? The term refers to trucks getting stuck underneath a low-hanging overpass on Boston’s Storrow Drive.

In fact, it’s such a popular phenomenon, it even has its own Instagram account where people can keep up with the latest, greatest Storrowings. As reported by WHDH, the city even took measures to prevent Storrowing by installing new “Cars Only” signs along Overpass Alley.

The signs even have a piece of rubber that hang from the bottom to nicely simulate the sensation one may feel when Storrowing. But it seems something strange happened during college move-in weekend in September 2023.

It appears that nobody Storrowed.

A quick Google News search on September 6 showed several older, “classic” Storrow tales. But between the unseasonably warm temperatures and in-tact overpasses, you’d think it’s July.

It makes no sense! First, it rains all June and July. Then New Hampshire gets snow in August. Is the lack of Storrowing yet another warning about climate change? Did Farmer’s Almanac predict this one, too?

Or did drivers finally listen to officials when they warned them not to drive U-Hauls where they’re not welcome?

One official told WHDH there was optimism the new signs would work better than the old ones. That's not hard to believe, considering how many times Red Sox fans changed an infamous “Reverse Curve” sign by the Esplanade into a “Reverse the Curse” sign.

But I feel like Stephen King would approve.

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