Tired of people assuming all Massachusetts drivers are aggressive and dangerous?  Massachusetts drivers get tagged with the term "Masshole" because of the unpredictable lane changes with no signal, fast driving because "it's ok to go 10 mph above the speed limit" thinking, and number of middle finger salutes you see in a day on the roadways.

Yeah, maybe we deserve some of those labels, but there's one thing about driving in Massachusetts you cannot argue with.

A new study released by automoblog.net says the roads in the Bay State are very safe.

We are talking about road conditions, DUI's, fatalities, alcohol risk, speed limits, and fatigue of drivers in this survey, so naturally one would think Massachusetts is not going to score high on such a poll.

However, four New England states scored in the top 10 of safest roads in America, with Massachusetts scoring 3rd behind the District of Columbia and New Jersey.  This is incredible news, considering Massachusetts drivers get a bum reputation for being bad drivers.

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The rest of New England fared pretty well too, with Rhode Island ranking 5th, Connecticut ranking 8th, and New Hampshire ranking 9th in the country.

When you look at the stats and consider how Massachusetts drivers adapt to various traffic patterns like traffic circles (aka rotaries), it's amazing there aren't more accidents. But somehow, Massachusetts drivers instinctively know how to drive really fast in the left lane, or merge into 65 mph traffic seamlessly.   Massachusetts drivers know how to signal and move to the next lane in one motion, knowing how to navigate downtown Boston traffic without hesitation.

It's the out-of-state drivers who get us into trouble, because they don't weave through traffic patterns as gingerly nor with confidence.

If you want to see the full report, check out automoblog.net.  Happy trails to you.

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