The Woodman Museum has a cool event planned for this coming weekend.


I've always liked walking through cemeteries whenever I go on long walks through the seacoast. And I've strolled through dozens of them.

I look at the headstones and imagine what life was like for those who are buried there. So I think what the Woodman Museum in Dover is planning sounds quite cool.

They will be presenting Night at the Museum III- Voices from the Cemetery. It's taking place this Columbus Day Weekend, October 10-12.

It's an hour and a half tour through one of Dover's oldest cemeteries. During the tour you'll hear about prominent local historical characters spanning all occupations of the Dover's history.

The tours are during the daylight, so I doubt anyone or anything is going to jump out from behind a bush and say boo!

Reservations are required. For more info click here.