According to Seacoast Online, not only did Lee Norton of Rollinsford NH get his name called to 'Come On Down!' he made it OUT of 'Contestants Row' as well!

Instagram - VIA - therealpriceisright
Instagram - VIA - therealpriceisright

Tuesday, December 4th at 11AM on CBS

This is all the information that TPIR has divulged about Mr. Norton's episode and MAN am I jealous!

This is a lifelong dream of mine and Lee Norton of Rollinsford made it happen!

I'm so curious as to what 'Pricing Game' he got to play. There's a 33% chance that he was trying to win 'A BRAAAAAAAND NEW CAAAAAAAAAAR'. Or won one!

But he could have played 'Plinko' which is the peg board and chips game that usually results in some SERIOUS cash.

Hole in One? Punch A Bunch? Cliff Hanger? Safe Crackers?

And I haven't even mentioned SPINNING THE WHEEL! He got to SPIN THE WHEEL!

I'm running home to set my DVR for Tuesday December 4th at 11AM!

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