The Potter's House Bakery & Cafe opened in 2018 in Rochester, New Hampshire. They describe themselves as a modest, cozy, and unpretentious bakery. (I love that in a bakery!)

According to their website, their owner Tim started baking at a very young age and opened his own bakery in Colorado at the ripe age of 19. He moved back to New England where he got even more experience working with local bakers. Now he and his wife serve up smiles in the form of sweet treats at their very own bakery in the Lilac City! (right behind Spaulding High School across the street from Wendy's) Potter's is open Tuesday-Sunday and the feedback they have received from the community is outstanding.

Here are some glowing reviews from their Facebook page:

"Best lobster crescent roll I have ever had."


"Looked up local bakeries while in the area on whim hoping to find a lemon cake somewhere for a birthday. Sure enough they had a raspberry lemon cake ready to go. It was THE best cake we have ever had. Definitely will to back in the future!!"


"OMG! Potter's, you never disappoint! Today my friend bought me a delicious cupcake from there. Everything Ive ever eaten from your place has always been far better than I could even imagine. Thank you so much! You are a blessing in this town!"

The moral of the story? Potter's is loved in a big way!

I follow the You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you... Facebook Group and I saw that Sarah Russel decided to spread the good word about a certain confection at Potter's she felt was not getting enough attention. It is Potter's take on a Cinnamon bun. They call it their "morning bun".

Sarah Russell via Facebook

Sarah describes the morning bun as light and flaky and not overly sticky like so many other buns out there. It is the perfect amount of gooeyness. (is that a word?)

Sarah wishes she could eat a morning bun every single day! But allegedly, Potter's rarely makes them now due to lack of sales. Perhaps they are getting overshadowed by the other treats? The point of Sarah's post was to give morning buns their moment! She realizes sharing this will mean immediate competition for morning buns the next time they are made. But that is a risk she is willing to take if it means the morning bun will be brought back to full demand.

So go get yourself a morning bun and spread the word!

In the meantime, let's ogle at these mouth watering pastries that grace the case at Potter's..

Potter's House Bakery & Cafe via Facebook
Potter's House Bakery & Cafe via Facebook
Potter's House Bakery & Cafe via Facebook
Potter's House Bakery & Cafe via Facebook

Yeah, I'm gonna need to go there.

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