Thanks to Shark listeners for filling our social media platforms on how to best celebrate National Donut Day with classics and wild flavor combos right here in the Granite State.

making donuts from scratch

One of the most popular items on the list was the maple round and maple square from Harvey's Bakery 376 Central Ave in Dover.

They are NOT the same thing.

The maple square is much longer. It looks more like a maple rectangle and there is NO FILLING inside.

The maple round is filled with vanilla creme. It's very important when taking anyone's order to SPECIFY if they want a round or a square. While similar, they are vastly different to their most ardent enthusiasts.

Staying with the Maple theme, a Maple Bacon donut at The Angry Donut in Stratham 157 Portsmouth Ave. has been suggested by Samantha on Facebook

Two great breakfast foods that taste great together. I've had the bacon/maple combo donut before out in Lake Tahoe and it was magical, now I need to try this on the Route 33 beltway!

Heavenly Donuts in Brentwood (44 Route 125) received many shout outs today and I can attest that the quality and quantity of their donuts will satisfy any aficionado.

I would be doing a great disservice to our listeners by not mentioning one of the most popular donut shops in the area, Congdon's in Wells. (1090 Post Road)

The maple, the dark chocolate and of course, the bow ties were all raved about.

I realize this is a NH article but, in good conscience, I couldn't omit Congdon's due to the passion of their fans.

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