Most people are being extra vigilant right now because of concerns about the coronavirus. There's also a lot of misinformation, so it is difficult to know what to believe.

Washing your hands frequently and not touching your face seems to be the two things which everyone can agree. It is also important to wash vegetables and fruits after you bring them home from the grocery store.

Felicia Goulet-Miller, a microbiology professor at Florida Gulf Coast University (via USA Today) instructs us to rinse fresh produce under water for 20 seconds before you eat it.

Don't use bleach, chlorine, isopropyl alcohol, or sanitizing wipes. The same is true for dish soap or hand soap.

Goulet-Miller says ingesting these chemicals could give you an upset stomach or worse, because they can be toxic.

One more thing: It's okay to use a wash that is specifically made for produce.

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