I hate that I am writing this blog right now.

A while back, I wrote a blog about James Dobson, the Dover man who had plans to ride from Dover to California on a bicycle to raise money for CHaD in Hanover for children with cancer.  We talked to James just last week and he told us that he ran in to a bit of trouble with his bike, but with his girlfriend Stephanie's help, he was able to find the parts he needed to repair it.

We were planning on following James on his journey to hear about all his adventures, but never did we expect this to happen.

While James was riding his bike in Mississippi, he was struck from behind and died instantly, his girlfriend, Stephanie LeClerc said on a phone conversation today.  The accident is still under investigation, she says, but another friend of James, Ben Mullins, via email, said it may have been from someone texting while driving.  I am torn up.

I didn't know James well, but when I met him, it was like we were instant friends and I can only imagine that's how it was with everyone.  I knew he wouldn't have trouble finding help if he needed it while on the road because people gravitated toward him.  Of course you were going to help this guy that exudes happiness and positive vibes!  That's what the name of his bike tour was:  positivevibestour.com. 

His friend, Ben, had this to say about James:

James embodied what it meant to be selfless and kind.  He lived every day for those around him, and that was enough to drive his happiness into overdrive.  He never asked for help or someone to tell him what a great thing he was doing.  All he wanted was for folks to be kind to one another and be happy in life and the skin they're in.  He wanted nothing more than to make people smile and give them a positive experience when they are around him.  In that, he was very successful.

James had a GoFundMe page set up for his donations and at the time of his passing, he had only raised 20% of the goal.  If you can, please make a donation so that, even in death, James can continue to make a difference in the lives of sick children.  He would love that.

Kids Cancer Sucks and so does Texting and Driving.  One we have no control over, but the other, we do.  Just don't text and drive.  It's stupid.

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