Wow!  Talk about goals!

Aaron and I talked to James Dobson who left from Dover this morning at 9am on a bicycle to go from here to San Diego, California to benefit CHaD in Hanover.  He hopes to raise at lease $10,000. or more for the hospital.

James is originally from Berwick, ME, but he now lives in Dover.  If you live in Dover too, you may have seen his van.  It's very colorful and there are signatures all over it.  You may or may not have heard snoring coming out of the back, as James sometimes sleeps in it when he's not at his Mom's or his girlfriend's house.

James' enthusiasm for life is infectious!  Another one of his goals is to just make people smile.  Just a small gesture can make someone's day!

If you would like to make a donation to James so he can eat on his trek or make a donation specifically for CHaD, do so here.

I hope he finds a shower or two on the way.

Keep in touch, James and for the love of Mike, call your Mother!  She'll be worried about you!

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