Sometimes luck is on your side, and sometimes it is not.  Dover resident Roy Jones felt very lucky on Thursday.

According to, Jones' Dover home on Cocheco Street has a long history: the original part of the home was built in 1650, which is more than 100 years before we even became the United States.

High winds whipped through the area Tuesday night and a 90-foot pine tree fell on his property, the news site reported, but lucky for Jones, the tree fell away from his home.

If the tree would have hit his home, the house would have been destroyed and Jones could have been seriously injured or worse.

Jones said he has seen a lot of deadfall in the woods behind his home but nothing like this 90-foot pine, according to Fosters, and with the roots exposed, it’s just massive.

Neighbors heard the tree fall but Jones slept right through it, the news site stated.

Whenever I am hiking, and I hear a creaky tree, I am a bit paranoid about being hit by a falling branch or a falling tree.  Pines have shallow roots and after a lot of rainfall saturates the ground, if high winds sweep through it doesn’t take much to take down a large pine.

Jones is a lucky man, and I am glad he was not hurt, and his home is safe. Next time I go hiking I will be on the lookout for pine trees and make sure it is dry before I go.

Seeing this massive tree down is a bit frightening, but I am glad Jones and his home are okay.

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