The Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority reported this week that the Downeaster will begin operating round trip trains beginning on July 20th between Brunswick, Maine and Boston every day, according to 

They have stepped up their cleaning game, of course.  All the trains will be sanitized and disinfected every day and between trips.  You have to wear a mask or face covering and the number of passengers will be limited to 50% of available seating capacity, according to the report.

Service on the Downeaster was suspended on April 13 and phase 1 of their reopening began in mid-June.

I love the train rides that I've taken with the Downeaster.  It is the most convenient way to go long distances and the most relaxing.  I also get the sense of freedom when I get off the train, there's no car to park, I can walk wherever I want.  It's a wonderful thing.

I do remember, however, one time when I left my journal on the train.  On the way down to Boston, I thought I would capture my compelling, weird thoughts about my travels on paper.  When we got to Bean Town, I was so excited that I just jumped up and left the journal there!  Well, wouldn't ya know, I called the Downeaster and they had found it and put it away for safe keeping for me to pick up!  I never actually did.  I figured there wasn't much writing in it and if they wanted to keep it, it might be entertaining for someone.

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