How do you spice up a traditional jelly doughnut? Dunkin have a few ideas.

A doughnut covered in hot sauce? It was a big wake-up for customers at two Dunkin locations in Miami, Florida, on Monday. Fresh off the Super Bowl, they served up a spicy version of their classic jelly doughnut. This turned out to be the perfect Monday morning heartache food fans of the San Fransisco 49ers nursed their loss with. According to 7 News Boston, The Massachuetts-based coffee chain wanted to provide fans leaving the Super Bowl with a sweet-and-spicy treat, but who thought of this?

Enter Rick Golden. Dunkin’s manager of doughnut excellence was the mastermind behind the odd mishmash of flavors. 7 News Boston reported Golden's crew tried out a dozen different doughnut combinations before settling on a yeast doughnut shell, filled with apple and raspberry jelly, topped with white icing, and drizzled with Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce.

...and now they want to do it again!

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