The town of Durham is gearing up for the potential of a celebration that could get out of hand should the Patriots win...or lose The Super Bowl.

According to, UNH students have been know to perhaps celebrate a bit too much whether or not the Pats win or lose.

I'm trying to remember when it became fashionable to celebrate your team's championship by destroying public and private property, and setting dumpsters on fire. I know to some of you the "geezer alarm" is going off as you read this, thinking I'm just getting old and out of touch. But I'm a Durham kid, I'm proud to be a UNH grad, and there's a feeling of disappointment when I read that the town has to prepare for the possibility that it might get vandalized, by people who ought to know better, and if they don't, they don't deserve to attend the University of New Hampshire and experience all that the town of Durham has to offer.

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