Christmas is Friday.  Here's where you have to take a page from all the guys that you see last minute shopping at the Mall when that was a thing.  Here are some great ideas that won't break the bank and chances are, you will make the "givee" very happy.

How about a gas card?  Just go to your local gas station and grab a gas gift card.  I know it's super practical and not very sexy, but everyone drives, so I think it's great!

How about a gift card to Dunks or Aroma Joe's?  Again, another practical gift, but when you're on a road trip, there's nothing better than driving thru and grabbing an ice coffee or an egg sandwich to hold you until your destination.  Love this for everybody.

This is also the ONE time of year that I don't mind scratch tickets.  Mostly, I don't like them, but at Christmas time, I'm all about it.  Could I possibly scratch off the right number or symbol and win $1?!  How exciting!  Let's scratch and find out!

Last, but certainly not least... how about an awesome hoodie from the Shark?!!  Perfect!  Granted, it might not get here until after Christmas, but you can print out a picture of it and wrap it up.  The recipient will be excited for a gift in the future to warm themselves in the most fashionable way!

Whatever the case may be, you probably have the best gift already and you certainly can't buy it in a store.  Yup - love in your life and a song in your heart.

Happy Ho Ho!

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