Could this happen in the Live Free or Die state?

As of March 21, 2024, the town of Lexington, Massachusetts, is banning the use of fossil fuels in new construction and major renovations.  If 50% of the home is being renovated, it has to adhere to the new bylaw.  Lexington followed Brookline, Massachusetts' lead back in February stating their restrictions in that town, according to  It could happen here in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is Growing

Here's why I think that this is inevitable for New Hampshire towns.  Ever since the pandemic, people have been moving into New Hampshire in droves, and although it may not seem like a good idea right now, these houses that are completely free of fossil fuels are going to be in high demand.  High demand means high cost, and people like to make money.  Hey, if I had the money, I would make my house completely free from any and all use of fossil fuels.  Self-contained is the way to be.  I mean, think of it this way. If we are truly independent, wouldn't we want to use natural resources, especially if it's going to help the environment?  I'm all about it.  Mother Nature is my favorite.

New Hampshire Residents Will Not Like It

If New Hampshire towns do start putting these restrictions in place, there will be a pushback.  We are Yankees and don't like change very much.  It's expensive to convert too.  This induction stove (an alternative to gas stoves) will cost you around $6,000, according to  It will cost around $70,000 to convert your home, depending on how big it is, according to

There's this guy up the road from where I live, with all the signs all around his property that say "stay out"  "keep away," "private property," etc.  I bet he doesn't have anybody coming into his house fixing the gas leak.  There's no gas in his house except for the natural gas that he emits himself.  I gotta say, if "they" are right and the apocalypse is coming, I'm gonna make that guy my best friend.

Do you think New Hampshire will also make these restrictions?

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