The popcorn at the Weirs Drive-In has flown for the last time.

It was announced on the Weirs Drive-In Theater's Facebook page that they will not be opening for movies this summer.  The good part is that they are still going to be involved in Bike Week, and they are starting "the process of transforming the Drive-In property for the future."  Exciting, maybe?

They are still accepting vendors for Bike Week, according to their website.  That's great news.

Patti Cakes is "out of steam", according to the Facebook post, and the rest of the family has moved on from the Drive-in, but the place will absolutely transform into something even more exciting.

There is nothing like a drive-in movie theater in the summertime.  We used to pack the family into the station wagon (with the wood on the side) and head to the Weirs.  By the time the movie was 10 minutes in, we were all fast asleep, except Mom and Dad.  Sleep time for the kids meant they were able to have some time to just enjoy themselves while we slept.  It was the '70's.  Parents left their kids in the car, they went to have a drink somewhere, and no one batted an eye.  It's a wonder we survived.

We will miss the movies, but I, for one, am excited to see what is coming next for the property.  Whatever they do, Bike Week has to be included.  For many, it's the only week they can ride with pride and let it all hang out.

Do you have memories of the Weirs Drive-in?

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