Camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

During the warmer months in New Hampshire, camping is a regular weekend event for many residents, not to mention people from out of state.  This place, Sacred Nectar Sanctuary in North Sandwich, New Hampshire, has beautiful, unique campgrounds and an opportunity to change your life year-round, if you choose to take it.

Nick, the owner of the property, has a mission statement for the place, describing the communal lifestyle to inspire a healthy life, according to the website.  This may be the way people have to live in the future, because of the economy and other factors.  Buying a home and living in a conventional way, (i.e., get married, have kids, kids leave, work, retire, die) may not be the future way of living for New Englanders.

If you check out the videos on the website, you will discover how the place got started and how you can get involved.

Since this is a working farm, they accept people who want to help.  The video above shows a woman from Italy who is part of the Global Work Away program.  She was able to stay there.  The video does not say if she had to pay any money. However, there might be more of an explanation on the Work Away website.  

The people who live on the property do not have conventional jobs.  Their job is to sustain themselves and the land.  They have a beautiful garden, chickens, eggs, all the things you would need to "Live Free or Die". And I have to say, I'm a little jealous.

Who wouldn't want to live like that?  Being a people person, I would love to live this way.  I am sure there are problems that arise and disagreements among the people there.  According to the videos, the property is huge, so if you are looking for alone time, there are plenty of places to go and be with nature.

Next time I'm in the White Mountains, I'm going to check it out.

Where is your favorite campground?

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