Sarah and I first got to know Devin back in the Summer of 2018 when he was a few days away from winning a UFC match in Alberta, Canada.

Somewhere on either Instagram or Facebook, Devin generously demonstrated a choke hold on both of us and WOW. I remember feeling like my throat was being crushed between two steel pipes with 10 tons of leverage.

Both of us tapped out in one tenth of a second and yet I still got the feeling that Devin was being kind with the amount of force he administered.

Devin owns and operates NOSTOS on Market Street in Somersworth with his wife Carol Linn. It is both a training facility for many kinds of martial arts and a strength and conditioning center.

On his website he mentions that it's his goal in life to teach this sport, his true passion, to people of all ages 'into old age'.

He and his wife have a daughter Clementine and a pet pig Phoebe who is becoming quite a superstar of the Hilltopper City in her own rite.

Congrats Devin on an amazing career!