The Summer of 2020 has not stunk for Paul Gatchell's daughters!

According to Seacoast Online, the Epping, New Hampshire, dad has built a water park in the backyard that even includes a 40 foot water slide! It also has a pond, waterfall, dock and raft, along with picnic tables, an outdoor refrigerator and a tent for cooling off.

There is talk of adding a zipline, a gazebo under the slide and some artificial palm trees, the site stated.

The Gatchell's bought this house in Epping some time in the 1990s, according to Seacoast Online, and at one point, they had an above ground pool. After it fell apart Paul decided they needed an upgrade!

Slowly but surely he started creating this backyard oasis and it just kept getting better every year. When he acquired the water slide in 2016 and it really kicked things up a notch, the news site stated.

The Gatchell family loves to go on vacation together but they can agree that nothing beats chillin' in their own backyard water park.

Paul Gatchell is a contractor and claims that he can make a water park in your backyard too! Hit up Gatchell Earth LLC on Facebook if you are interested!

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