The next time you are kicking yourself for making a stupid mistake, just remember this:  Even NASA gets it wrong sometimes.

I give you 1999:  According to an article in Wired:  "A disaster investigation board reports that NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter burned up in the Martian atmosphere because engineers failed to convert units from English to metric."

Let's not forget 2004:  The New York Times reported:  ".....four switches that were to deploy a capsule's parachutes were installed upside down, the parachutes never opened and the capsule plunged to the ground at nearly 200 miles an hour."

NASA scientists had to try and salvage it's 3 year, 264 million dollar mission.

I bring up these examples because I made a stupid mistake.  I'll spare you the details, but it was an elementary mistake that I should have avoided.  I did feel really bad about it and decided that instead of that, which led only to eating way too much ice cream, I'd try to find other really smart people who messed up.  I'd say if the engineers at NASA can screw up once in a while, who am I to think that I'm any smarter than a rocket scientist.

Bring on more ice cream and more forgiveness!


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