It was a disappointing end to a career-worst season for Tom Brady, as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost in the AFC Wild Card Playoffs to the Dallas Cowboys (and a kicker who missed four extra point attempts in the same game).

But that's how it's been for the man once a lock to go down in history as New England's favorite Tom. Instead of getting his own statue in the Boston Common, Brady left fans in New England feeling like we did up North when the Pats nearly moved to Connecticut.

Then there was the nasty cryptocurrency scandal, in which he was sued along with other New England athletes and Larry David (creating one more "Seinfeld"-New England connection). But Tom Brady could still redeem himself.

Maybe he could rejoin the Patriots when they play in Germany next season. Oktoberfest is already known for bringing people together in New England, so just think of the good times that could be had in the motherland.

Or he could travel the land seeking out fans who are berated by toxic Raiders fans, offering seats to his luxury box as Robert Kraft did last season.

Retirement isn't enough. To truly be forgiven, Brady would need to reach some kind of reconciliation with the Patriots. And why couldn't he? It would be reminiscent of Aerosmith dropping off the charts for a decade before hitting its stride again in the '80s.

Then it could officially be said that in terms of cultural impact, Tom Brady is New England’s All-Time Greatest Tom. And he would certainly be in some great company.

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