The Patriots’ recent loss against the Raiders in Las Vegas has already achieved infamy in the region, with some deeming it the franchise’s most embarrassing defeat ever (while other knuckleheads went so far as to suggest it’s time to break the glass and bring back Tom Brady).

As bad as things got in the final moments on the field, however, they were nothing compared to what happened in the stands between a belligerent Raiders fan and a Patriots fan who made Gandhi look like Gronk.

In a video that went viral on social media, the woman could be seen berating a man for several moments, just because he dared to wear a New England jersey on enemy turf.

The Pats fan retaliated by…not retaliating. No words. No gestures. A superhuman calm.

The man soon identified himself in a tweet as Jerry Edmond, who was attending his first ever NFL game. And shortly after, he received a call that made an already surreal week even harder to believe.

It was from Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, inviting Edmond to the team’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The team released a statement saying that as its way of thanking Edmond for setting an example with his restraint, he would be Kraft’s personal guest on Sunday.

In addition, Edmond will receive pregame passes to watch team warmups on the field at Gillette Stadium (maybe he could call a couple plays too, because, why not?).

Apart from their Vegas implosion, it has been a largely forgettable season for the 7-7 Patriots. So, it’s nice to see a good moment steam from such a volatile situation.

And in a way, it’s also remarkable to think of how Robert Kraft has gone from a potential Supervillain (when he attempted to move the team in the '90s) to someone who can turn a negative into a positive with one phone call.

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