Either you know it or you don't. You've played it or you haven't.  You get it or you don't.

That's the chit-chat about the new sport that's taking America by storm, with celebrity owners and wealthy entrepreneurs claiming stakes to team across the country.

You know all about the MLB, right?  Well, move over Major League Baseball, because there's a new league in this country that is hotter than bacon frying in a cast iron pan.

We're talking about the MLP.  Major League Pickleball is taking this country to a new sports frenzy.  Pickleball courts are everywhere, and the rules make it fast and fun.

You'd be surprised who owns the MLP teams.  Local heroes like Tom Brady recently purchased a team with a group of investors.  Other celebs involved in ownership include Drew Brees, LeBron James, Mark Cuban, Eva Longoria, and Heidi Klum, to name a few.

Brendan Sapp via unsplash.com
Brendan Sapp via unsplash.com

Why is pickleball so popular?  There are many reasons, but mostly it's because anyone can play.  There are pickleball courts on college campuses, rec centers, gyms, and in communities of all financial levels.

Why are celebrities flocking to pickleball? According to cnbc.com, when you're on the pickleball court, nobody cares who you are, nor whether you are famous or not.  It's just fun, and players are asked to be nice to each other even if they play hard.

The league has 24 teams, with team ownership now costing seven figures according to yahoo.com.  CBS-TV had a dedicate celebrity tournament in November called "Pickled", hosted by Steven Colbert, with celebs like Daniel Dae Kim, Dierks Bentley, Jimmie Allen, Kelly Rowland, Sugar Ray Leonard, Emma Watson, and Luis Guzman.

With so much star power, pickleball is here to stay, so you may as well play it, watch it, own it.

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