Like everything else today, when it comes to transportation, there are many many choices: from planes, trains and automobiles (electric, fuel, self driving); there are Ubers and taxis, city bikes and mopeds even a few horse and buggy rides to be had at various historic spots on the Seacoast and beyond.

It is, somewhat hard to imagine the thousands of miles of trolley line that once dotted New England during the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th century and into the mid 20th century in our cities and towns from Concord to Portsmouth to Manchester to Berlin.

Mostly defunct by the 1930s, there are some throwbacks to a past common mode of Granite State transportation like the "Molly Trolley" you may see around the Seacoast (check out and the "spirits of the past trolley tour."

These trolleys are a fun way to travel back into our region's historic past and, maybe, hint at our future. After all, we can't know where we are going without reflecting on where we have been!

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