We are just a few hours into the new era for NH's latest Vax Registration System. There is a terrific video tutorial that shows you everything you need to know and you can check it out right here! Granite Staters, this is VINI.

At 8 this morning, the people in Phase 2A began registering using this new system and I cannot be more excited.

There are two reasons for this.

Number One? I'm basically in the on deck circle for registering for my vaccine so, this is the system that I KNOW I'll be using.

And secondly, I registered my parents back in January using the old VAMS system that I found to be clunky, confusing and anxiety inducing.

I was very curious to check out VINI, (Vaccination Immunization Network Interface) but the last thing I wanted to do was poke around in this system where I don't yet belong and take away valuable bandwidth from those that need to use it.

This video can be found at vaccines.nh.gov and I have watched it twice already in preparation for the big day when Phase 3A will be able to register.

There are already so many anxiety REDUCING aspects of this new system. From watching the video, I can see that the questions are straightforward and, more importantly, the method of which to answer them appears to be easy too.

No conjoining boxes that have hidden scroll bars! How convenient.

Also if you have to change your 2nd appointment for whatever reason, you DON'T have to cancel it first!

The 'BE ALL, END ALL' benefit of VINI is that if you're having any difficulty with it, just CALL 2-1-1 and they'll actually be able now to book your appointment for you.

What a relief!

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